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Benefits of Automated Cooking Oil Recycling

A cooking oil management system used to be an exotic, expensive tool for large restaurant chains and it came with an expensive price tag. Now, that benefits have increased and the cost has dwindled. If your restaurant produces enough oil, a used cooking oil collector like D&W may even install one for free.

Savings from a cooking oil management system

The savings (detailed in this blog) are significant and range from the cost of accidents, insurance, plumbing bills, food quality and reputation. But now, those benefits and a cooking oil management system may come free to a restaurant. D&W Alternative Energy can install and maintain a cooking oil management system for free if a restaurant produces sufficient used cooking grease. The collector eliminates theft (which affects both UCO collector and restaurateur)and gets less contaminated oil.

That same foodservice industry spends $12 billion, that is billion, on slips and falls.

Cleanliness, Hygiene and Your Product Sales

Have you ever seen a facility that manually disposes of its cooking oil?  Grease spills, it slops, it collects, it coats, it darkens, it collects dirt and attracts rodents.

Would your potential customers, or existing customers walk into your restaurant if they saw these?

You may not realize it but customers pay attention to kitchens, and cooking oil tanks in parking lots can lead them to draw conclusions about the cleanliness of your facility.  In an age of pandemics people are more and more conscious of cleanliness wherever they go.  

A clean facility is attractive and is more likely to entice customers and generate higher sales. More $ to your bottom line. (See also: How to Choose Your Grease Partner.)

Quality of Your Food Product

Most of us love fried food. It’s delicious. But it tastes differently if it is fried in olive oil, palm oil, corn oil, peanut oil, safflower oil or other types of oil.  Why is that?  It is because some portion of the frying oil remains on the food.

Restaurants take great care to use the right temperature  and oil to insure the best flavor for their food. But do they really know when to filter or discard the oil to keep the food at its best. Automated cooking oil management helps to keep the food at peak flavor and maintain a consistent flavor profile. Will that affect your sales?  You bet it will.  It affects the reputation of your restaurant or foodservice company, and hence your success.

Savings on Your Plumbing Bill

More than 90% of commercial plumbing issues are the result of grease. Roughly half of sewer overflows can be traced to grease. Did you see the story of the great “greaseberg” in the plumbing beneath the streets of London? 

Automating your grease management avoids plumbing issues, greasebergs and keeps you on the right side of municipalities who are fighting back against food companies that dump their grease.

If you collect your grease in a cooking oil tank you can hand it off to renderers who refine it to create livestock feed and biodiesel fuel, a cleaner burning fuel. Renderers may pay you for allowing them to collect your grease with rebates. 

So, you avoid plumbing issues, get paid for your used cooking oil and improve sustainability and the future of the planet!

Automated Cooking Oil Management Systems: The Solution

We started out saying that the business case was unassailable.  Let’s summarize, automating your used cooking oil handling does the following:

  • reduces, accidents, falls, and grease spills, lowering your expenses
  • improves your food product which increases your sales
  • improves cleanliness of your facility which increases sales
  • puts rebate money in your pocket
  • improves sustainability of your business and the planet

Will automating your used cooking oil handling save you money? The payback on automation is 12 to 18 months without considering many of the above benefits. 

Learn more about D&W’s options for cooking oil management systems here.

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