Used Oil Recycling for Food Processing Facilities

D&W can handle large volumes of used cooking oil on short notice.

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Reliable, High-Volume Service

Food processors have a unique set of challenges, unlike those of restaurants and malls.  Oil handling for food processors tends to be more centralized and involves handling large volumes of used oil in a short period of time, a product line change can create thousands and thousands of gallons of used oil that need to be disposed of in a day . You need a reliable company that can pick-up and remove  that quantity of used oil  in a very short timeframe. 

Food processing companies need a used cooking oil recycling company that has the capacity to mobilize numerous trucks simultaneously to handle your oil efficiently and safely. D&W has that capacity, is available 7 days a week, and can handle high volumes of used cooking oil to avoid any interference with your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our facilities have restricted access and hours. Do you have the flexibility to handle restrictions like these?

Yes. We have a fleet of trucks and dedicated drivers we can mobilize to handle a rush pickup. We will arrive when you need us and gain access to restricted areas as you see fit. We operate 7 days a week.

Do you have insurance in case of mishaps?

Yes. We have $1MM per incident liability insurance. We have never needed to access our insurance.