D&W Alternative Energy, LLC, a used cooking oil recycling company provides restaurant grease pickup service and grease trap cleaning service to restaurants and food companies that produce used cooking oil. We work in an open, honest and transparent manner with all our facility accounts and partners.

We provide clean and secure storage tanks or drums to our partners, including cutting edge direct connect technology and other hands-free indoor used cooking oil recycling solutions. D&W removes the waste cooking oil in a timely fashion and free of charge. We make used cooking oil pickups during normal business hours or whenever it’s convenient for our clients. This allows us to respond to any of our partner’s concerns at the time of our used cooking oil pickup.

Our indoor restaurant grease removal service keeps kitchens safe, prevent falls and burns and help clients save on insurance. They also prevent grease theft. Our grease trap cleaning service insures your restaurant is clean, safe and in compliance with health department regulations. Combining your used restaurant grease disposal and grease trap cleaning with D&W can save you a lot of money.

When market conditions permit, we provide a cash or check rebate to you at the time of your fryer oil pick-up. In addition D&W Alternative Energy can provide free power washing services of the grease receptacle and surrounding area when necessary. This helps our partners comply with local health departments and other regulators so they can stay as clean as possible.

The owners of D&W Alternative Energy, LLC have been industry leaders in the biofuel business since 2009. We are a reliable business offering a level of honesty and customer service unmatched in the industry. Your used cooking oil pickup will always happen in a clean and timely manner. We have built a large and loyal customer base, and we are happy to provide references on request. We look forward to working with you!

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