Cooking Oil Recycling for Schools, Hospitals and More

The sustainable, community-focused option for used oil recycling

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used cooking oil recycling for schools, hospitals and churches

Used Cooking Oil Pickup


Whether you operate a kitchen under contract or are an in-house provider, D&W has a solution for handling all of your used cooking oil pickup needs. Safety and sustainability are key priorities for hospitals, schools and churches.


 D&W understands the importance of cleanliness and safety in hospital and school settings. We regularly clean the area around our equipment both indoors and out. With student and part-time workers safety is paramount. D&W provides safety training to workers to insure best practices are understood and adhered to.

Sustainability is critical and our used cooking oil pickup pickup and recycling reduces the waste oil that goes into landfills and the carbon that goes into the atmosphere.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost?

Used cooking oil pickup and recycling is free. If you produce enough oil we provide competitive rebates.

Do you recommend indoor automated systems?

We do recommend them for the right situations. For hospitals and schools they are very appropriate in many situations.  We will install the equipment, maintain it and continue to own it. No leases, rentals, monthly payments or capital expenses. If you produce sufficient used cooking oil it may cost you nothing. Automated systems insure the safety of employees and prevent cooking oil theft.

How do I know 100% of my oil will be recycled?

We maintain records of every pickup we make and the biodiesel manufacturer to whom it was sold. We can provide these on request. We can provide certificates showing the amount of oil you have recycled.