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D&W Alternative Energy, LLC is the leading grease trap maintenance company in the greater New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. D&W offers:

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You Need Regular Grease Trap Maintenance

Without a grease trap, fats, oils, and grease flow into municipal water systems, causing major backups which are expensive to repair. To avoid this, regulators require that restaurants, stadiums, hospitals, factories, and other cooking facilities remove grease from their liquid waste before releasing it into municipal water systems. Grease traps do the job. However, if your grease trap isn’t properly maintained, all that grease can cause clogs, odors, health code violations, flooding, and even increased risk of fire hazard.

D&W offers ongoing grease trap cleaning and maintenance

Our trained experts are happy to provide regular grease trap maintenance, cleaning, and evacuation to ensure your equipment is running smoothly and your restaurant, franchise, factory, stadium, hospital or other facility stays clean and in compliance with all local and state regulations. Our technicians offer inexpensive professional service using top of the line vacuum equipment to maximize speed and efficiency and minimize any interruption to your business.

We can be reached by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help deal with emergencies and to aid in dealing with inspectors of all kinds.

Our grease trap maintenance experts can spot maintenance or equipment issues while performing regular service, allowing us to immediately alert our clients, and document them in our manifests, so they can be handled before they cause bigger problems ranging from clogs and unpleasant grease trap odors to health and fire hazards.

In many circumstances, we can even fix the problem on the spot or in a subsequent appointment. In the rare event that a grease trap issue is outside D&W’s area of expertise, we can confidently refer our clients to one of our many professional associates to ensure our clients always get the best possible results.