Restaurant Grease Recycling for Commercial Property Owners

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Ussed cooking oil recycling for commercial properties-hotels, resorts and casinos

Hotels, Resorts, Casinos

Hotels, resorts and casinos share similar challenges in handling used cooking oil. Hotel kitchens are often distributed throughout a large building or buildings and waste oil must be transported from kitchen to collection site or picked up in individual kitchens. Transporting oil can be a major issue. D&W has solutions tailored for used cooking oil recycling for commercial property. D&W can even automate the entire process to keep employees from ever touching containers with hot oil.

Strip Malls

Strip mall owners have a unique situation in that multiple restaurant owners within a strip mall may have their own service providers. But having multiple service providers brings a host of headaches. What if there is a spill? The area is not clean. Whose responsibility is it? D&W can handle used cooking oil collection in strip malls safely and efficiently. We’ll also service your grease traps. A mall owner can hire D&W to service all of the restaurants and never have to think about cooking oil issues again.

used cooking oil recycling for strip malls
used cooking oil recycling for commercial properties-indoor malls

Indoor Malls

Indoor malls frequently have independent food service operators spread all around the mall and on separate floors. D&W has solutions that keep employees safe and help them transport used cooking oil to a central receptacle. We can customize a solution that ensures the safety of employees and guests while supporting your sustainability goals. Because D&W recycles 100% of the oil it collects into clean biodiesel fuel, you can advertise that to your customers.

Used Cooking Oil Recycling For Commercial Property