Cooking Oil Management Systems

Save time and money, while keeping your employees safe.

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Cooking oil management systems reduce employee injuries, workmen’s comp claims, lost time, lawsuits and insurance premiums. Improve the cleanliness and safety of your kitchen. Keep Your Employees Safe.

Cooking Oil Management Systems Setup Options

There are three different strategies for safely and automatically disposing of used cooking oil, without risking spills or injuries. Plus, tanks come in multiple sizes so you can find a system that works with your kitchen set up, no matter how much (or how little) space you have available.

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A direct plumbing line from your fryer to your indoor cooking oil storage tank lets you transfer the used cooking oil with the push of a button! Your oil is safe from damage from would-be thieves and your employees are safe from accidents, saving you money on worker’s comp insurance.

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Portable Caddy

The caddy system is ideal for smaller kitchens without space for indoor tanks, or those locations with multiple kitchens using a single storage tank. Caddy systems allow you to safely store grease under fryers. When you’re ready, close the top and roll it safely to your storage tank.

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Magic Wand

One more option is to use a flexible magic wand. This wand is connected to a tube that siphons oil from your fryer straight into your automated storage tank.

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