Used Cooking Oil Recycling Services – Delaware

D&W Alternative Energy, a used cooking oil recycling company provides used cooking oil collection and grease trap cleaning for restaurants, malls and food processing companies in Delaware.

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Used Cooking Oil Recycling

We’ve been providing used cooking oil recycling near to restaurants and food processing plants in NJ and PA since 2009. We are now providing used cooking oil collection and grease trap cleaning in Delaware. Providing our cooking oil recycling near you helps to create renewable diesel with up to an 85% lower carbon footprint than diesel. Many clients save both time and money by combining our grease trap cleaning service with our used cooking oil pickup. You can call us anytime and speak to a human being who can solve your problem in minutes not days.

Preventing Grease Theft

Grease theft is a growing problem in our community. It doesn’t just cost restaurants money, it creates environmental hazards and may fund criminal activity. D&W teams up with local and national law enforcement agencies to help stop theft. See our Grease Theft Tracker to learn more about what’s happening in your area.

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Processing Plants


Why Trust D&W To Recycle Cooking Oil in Delaware

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Used Cooking Oil Collection

D&W provides regular, prompt used cooking oil collection free of charge. When possible, we provide you with payment or rebate at the time of pickup.

We go the extra mile, cleaning and pressure washing areas around your oil tanks as needed. We’re available 24/7 for emergency service.

With our predictive software we know when your used cooking oil recycling tank is likely to be full so we can schedule a pickup before we’re needed

When we profit, you profit

We provide free restaurant cooking oil recycling. When market conditions permit, we provide a cash or check rebate at the time of pickup. Ask about trading trap service for used cooking oil collection. We work with our partners and local authorities to prevent theft that costs restaurants money and can cause sanitation issues.

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Map of Delaware counties-New Castle and Kent service areas.

Delaware Service Area

D&W currently provides used cooking oil pickup services in New Castle and Kent Counties in Delaware. We also provide grease trap cleaning, maintenance and pre-inspection services. Delaware’s grease trap rules are stringent.

Frequently Asked Questions About Used Cooking Oil Recycling in Delaware

Why should I recycle my restaurant’s used cooking oil?

Used cooking oil recycling companies prevent restaurant grease from polluting landfills and public waterways. The EPA and local health departments regulate restaurant grease disposal and can impose fines and shutdowns for noncompliance. 100% of used cooking oil collection done by D&W is converted into cleaner burning renewable diesel which slows climate change and keeps our waterways clean.
The benefits of used cooking oil recycling
When you employ a restaurant grease disposal service near you, you are contributing to a cleaner tomorrow, keeping your restaurant safe by preventing accidents and saving your restaurant money through rebates, fewer accidents, fewer workmen’s comp claims and lower insurance premiums. Responsible used cooking oil disposal is good for the environment, saves money for restaurants and helps a restaurant maintain a good reputation.

D&W is a used cooking oil recycling company near me. What does it do?

D&W is a used cooking oil recycling company sometimes called a used cooking oil pickup company or a restaurant grease disposal company. D&W provides outdoor containers for restaurants to dump their used cooking oil and then picks it up on a regular schedule to recycle into cleaner burning biodiesel fuel. In addition to doing restaurant grease removal D&W cleans grease traps to prevent clogged pipes, fatbergs, smelly backups and financial and reputational damage to a restaurant.
Automated used cooking oil recycling systems
For restaurants with adequate space, D&W can install an indoor automated used cooking oil management system that keeps cooking oil contained from first use to used cooking oil disposal time. And these systems save restaurants a lot of money by preventing theft, kitchen accidents, insurance claims and damage to pipes and equipment.

How do I choose a used cooking oil recycling company?

First, you want a company that is reliable. Are they local and are you important to them? If you are a small company and they are a multinational are you important enough to get the service you deserve? And if your restaurant grease disposal company is a guy with a pickup truck can they provide all of the waste oil collection services you need. Interview potential vendors, ask for and call their references. If you want automation for your grease recycling do they provide it? Is it an onerous contract or is it free? It can be subjective but do the legwork and be sure your grease disposal company can and will meet your needs.