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D&W Alternative Energy offers used cooking oil collection along with a full range of grease recycling solutions and maintenance for clients preparing food in commercial kitchens. Scroll down to see the services we offer or call to schedule pickup.

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Used Restaurant Oil Removal

Grease Trap Maintenance

D&W Alternative Energy, LLC

Trenton, New Jersey

D&W Alternative Energy, LLC is a New Jersey-based company dedicated to providing restaurant oil removal and cooking oil recycling solutions our clients can feel good about, at little to no cost. We recycle the used kitchen grease we collect in a safe, clean, and efficient manner that not only helps our clients, but also helps the environment. The oil is repurposed to create biodiesel (a biodegradable, renewable fuel,) diesel fuel, animal feed, fertilizer and even cosmetics and soaps.

Our clients are more than our customers; they’re our partners. That’s why we’ve been industry leaders in the biofuel business since 2009. In addition to waste oil collection, grease trap maintenance, and consulting, D&W Alternative Energy can provide power washing services of the receptacle and surrounding area when necessary. This helps our partners comply with local health departments and other regulators so they can stay as clean as possible.

D&W offers clean and secure storage tanks or drums to our partners, including cutting-edge direct-connect technology and other hands-free, indoor used cooking oil solutions. We’re always happy to answer questions during your pickups or anytime you call and gladly lend our expert consulting services to help you implement the best solutions for your business.

When we profit, you profit. Our restaurant oil recycling is always free, but when market conditions permit, we provide a cash or check rebate to our partners at the time of pick-up. We work with our partners and local authorities to prevent theft that costs restaurants money and can cause sanitation issues.

Most importantly, we’re a reliable business offering a level of honesty and customer service unmatched in the industry. Your waste cooking oil will always be picked up in a clean, timely, and worry-free manner. We’ve built a large and loyal customer base and are happy to provide references on request. We look forward to working with you!