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D&W Alternative Energy, LLC is the leading line jetting company in the greater New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. D&W Alternative Energy offers state-of-the-art, high-pressure line jetting services to remove the worst clogs and make sure they don’t return, at the most affordable prices in the industry. Hydro jetting is a superior way to deal with tough clogs that provides a much more complete solution than other standard methods, such as drain snakes, augurs, or chemicals. While these more conventional methods only punch a small hole in the clog to restore flow, hydro jetting actually removes the entire clog and cleans the rest of the pipe in the process. Hydro jetting is also completely eco-friendly and safer for your pipes and plumbing than other methods. Jetting services can be employed when there is a clog or emergency, but many of our customers also choose to have jetting services done monthly or quarterly to prevent any future issues from arising. Whatever you choose, we are here to make sure your business always runs smoothly.

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