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Preparing Your Restaurant to Serve During Covid-19

New Jersey and Pennsylvania are starting to ease out of the restrictions that have devastated restaurants and entertainment facilities throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Still, the disease continues to spread and it’s important to keep your employees and customers—whether they eat at your restaurant or at home—safe. Here’s one helpful list to get you started.

But it’ll take more than masks and hand sanitizer to get things running smoothly. In addition to ensuring that you’re adhering to local guidelines regarding cleaning procedures and social distancing, you’ll also need to make sure that your facility looks and smells spotless, because no matter how well you sanitize, a foul smell will make customers think the place is unsafe. To prevent that, one of your first calls should be to D&W to ensure that your grease trap maintenance and cooking oil disposal solutions are suiting your needs.

D&W Alternative Energy has been serving our clients in NJ and PA throughout the pandemic, and we are ready to help. Our hours have not changed and our technicians are available to make sure there are no unpleasant grease-related odors that could deter new or loyal customers from visiting your restaurant. In addition to more customers, you’re also likely to see visits from the health department.  Here are just a few things you can look for to make sure you stay ahead of any issues.

Your Tanks

Maybe your restaurant closed temporarily, or maybe has been serving a limited number of clients through take out and delivery. Either way, you probably used less cooking oil, and maybe haven’t needed a collection in a while. But overtime, you’ve still amassed some used vegetable oil. Make sure you check, and schedule a pick up if you’re getting close to full!

Your Grease Traps

You may have fewer employees working, and many of those that are are spending time outside of the kitchen facilitating pickups and deliveries. It’s possible that clogs or other maintenance needs have gone unnoticed. But small maintenance issues can escalate and cause odors that send customers away before they even order.

Your Floor Drains

Water flowing through floor drains will likely wash away any unpleasantness, but with a change in your hours or workflow, there may be a buildup of still water that can allow sewer smells to enter your establishment.

Your Ejector Pumps

If the power running to your ejector pump was interrupted, it may be malfunctioning and causing foul odors. Regular grease trap maintenance from D&W can help prevent the pumps from being overloaded.

As your restaurant reopens or starts to allow in-person dining, D&W is here to make sure foul smells don’t stand in your way. Call us today to schedule grease trap cleaning or a used cooking oil pickup. We can also pressure wash to keep the area surrounding your tanks sparkling and odor-free!

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