used cooking oil management system

Should I Switch to an Indoor FOG Management System?

How does an Indoor Connect System Work?

Plumbing will connect your fryer to a used oil collection tank either directly or via a nearby pump. You’re in control. With a push of a button, your used oil is suctioned out of your fryer and transported to a holding tank. The panel also monitors the condition of your tank and monitors the level of the collected waste cooking oil. Neither you nor your employees ever touch the oil. An indoor FOG management system enhances the safety of your kitchen, prevents theft and can lower your insurance premiums.

How Can it Help My Facility?

There are three main perks to installing an indoor system: safety, cleanliness, and savings.  

Safety: More than half of restaurant employee injuries are caused by hot grease, and many include slips and falls. Hands-free technology eliminates the need to transport oil, keeping your employees safe by limiting dangerous burns and slippery spills.

Cleanliness: Kitchen spills aren’t just dangerous, but dirty. And they take time and energy to clean. Avoid them in the first place with an indoor FOG management system.

Savings: The control panel lets you track the amount of oil you’ve collected, so you know exactly what your used oil collection company owes you. Theft-prevention technology helps make sure that you don’t lose a drop before it’s sold.

Will I Need to Pay Large Fees or Enter a Long-Term Contract?

Some companies may try to trap you in long-term service contracts and charge large sums of money to set up these systems. Others force you to purchase your new cooking oil from certain suppliers.

D&W will not set up potentially-punitive long-term service contracts. We will never tell you where you need to buy your oil. Lastly, we offer indoor systems at a fraction of the cost of other companies — in some cases, even free of charge. Call us to find out how or learn more about our used cooking oil collection and grease trap maintenance services.

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