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Grease Theft Watch: NJ and PA Update

Used cooking oil may not be your restaurant’s main income, but you deserve every rebate your used cooking oil collection company offers you for your oil. But if thieves get in the way and steal your grease, you may not get as much as you deserve. Grease theft seems to be on the rise in NJ and PA. That’s one more reason to consider switching to an indoor tank, outdoor tanks are easier for thieves to reach, and sometimes even damage or destroy. Meanwhile, keep an eye out for these thieves caught on camera recently stealing used cooking oil from MOPAC and D&W containers in New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Lakewood Evergreen Supermarket: This thief has been seen stealing used cooking oil from the market multiple times and is responsible for destroying the tanks themselves.

One local thief has been known to tell victims that he is a sub-contractor collecting used cooking oil on behalf of larger companies, but he is not. He’s been caught at four locations in both NJ and PA participating in grease theft. If someone shows up claiming to be a subcontractor for your used cooking oil collector, it’s best to call your company to confirm.

Don’t trust just anyone with your used cooking oil collection. Make sure you know who’s taking your oil, better yet, consider an indoor tank. It won’t just keep your grease safe, but it’ll keep your employees safe and save you money. D&W Alternative Energy can help you set one up for little to no cost to you.

Check out our grease theft tracker to submit information about grease thefts near you. You should also report them to law enforcement.

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