cooking oil management systems

Cooking Oil Management Systems

Why Do Restaurants Lease Cooking Oil Management Systems?

Why would any restaurant that produces a lot of cooking oil pay for a cooking oil management system to recycle their cooking oil? Many still do. And these restaurants pay monthly, every month, for equipment leases and maintenance and installation and they pay and pay and pay.

That is the business model of the large national used cooking oil recycling companies. You lease equipment that you never own, and are locked into buying fresh cooking oil from the same company.  They promise all sorts of savings from not changing oil by hand and safety improvements and lower insurance premiums and cloud-based notifications.

D&W Provides the Savings of Cooking Oil Management Systems

The reality is that all of the savings promised by the giant national UCO companies are available to restaurants for little to not cost! If your restaurant produces sufficient oil, D&W Alternative Energy will install a fully automated restaurant oil management system for free. And it won’t be a standardized cookie-cutter system. It will be customized to fit your space with connections and transport of oil that fits your needs and space configuration. And there won’t be leases stretching into the next century.

Buy Fresh Cooking Oil Wherever You Want

And you can still buy the fresh oil you want and continue to shop for the best price. You are not locked in to buying virgin oil from the giants. Cooking oil prices are volatile. Everyone wants to get the best price and the best quality. No need to be locked in to one supplier.

D&W Customized Cooking Oil Handling Systems

And because every restaurant is just a little bit different D&W has several ways to transfer oil from fryers to the cooking oil recycling tanks. 

If you have self-filtering fryers and have the space for some piping to go from fryers to the oil recycling tank you can have the gold standard of direct, fryer to tank transfer. The tanks don’t have to be next to the fryers, they just have to have the piping to reach the tanks. The tank might be in the next room or in the basement.

But perhaps you don’t have self-filtering fryers. The same setup as the direct connect system shown above can be enjoyed with a wand system. The wand allows you to pump the used cooking oil from the fryer and transport used cooking oil through the pipe to the recycling tanks as shown below. Self filtering fryers are not required.

And suppose you are a hotel or casino or a restaurant with several kitchens? The options above may be a bit cumbersome. So, D&W can provide a caddy for transport. The oil drops from the fryer into the caddy. The caddy is wheeled to the tank, wherever it is located, attached to the tank and the oil transferred into the used cooking oil recycling tank.

Continue to Get Paid for Your Used Cooking Oil

And you can still get paid for your used cooking oil at market rates.

If you produce sufficient cooking oil D&W will install a used cooking oil management system for free, providing all of the savings of the national companies, customize to your restaurant layout,  allow you to buy your virgin oil wherever you want and pay you for your used oil. So, why would any restaurant pay for a cooking oil handling system?

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