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How to Get an Automatic Cooking Oil Recycling System for Free

There are tremendous benefits to automating your used cooking oil recycling, even when you automate your used cooking oil recycling for free.

Those benefits include:

  • Reduction in accidents: grease burns, slips and falls
  • Elimination of theft of used cooking oil and associated rebates
  • Reduction of damage from spills
  • Fewer Workman’s Comp claims
  • Elimination of regulatory fines
  • Reduction in business owner’s insurance

Restaurants in the U.S. suffer $12B in costs each year from kitchen accidents, most of which involve grease. 

Automating your cooking oil recycling means your employees never have to handle hot grease again. The system moves the grease in one of several ways-direct connection, magic wand and hose or grease caddy. In all 3 methods no one touches hot grease.

What is the cost of automating the recycling of your used cooking oil?

If you choose one of the large national UCO collection companies to automate your kitchen your expenses could look like this:

Typical Expense of a Used Cooking Oil System

Year   Annual $    Total $


These are the fees drawn from an actual contract with a large company purveyor of automated oil recycling systems. So, after 5 years you have paid $22,500 just for the system? When you could get it for free?

And after 5 years the technology may be obsolete or you’ve changed fryers so you might have to buy another system at even more expense!

Wouldn’t it make sense for your UCO collector to install a used cooking oil system for free and let them take it out if the technology changes?

Let’s look at another way to do it.

Automating your used cooking oil recycling for free with D&W

D&W Alternative Energy will custom design and install a used cooking oil recycling system and charge you nothing if you provide a sufficient volume of oil and it is collected by D&W. With a smaller volume you may forgo your oil rebate for a few months. In either case you pay nothing out of pocket and there are no exorbitant annual fees extending years into the future.

You get all of the benefits of reduced accidents, less workman’s comp, fewer regulatory fines, lost wages and elimination of oil theft. And you get it for free.

Investment returns like this don’t come along every day. Automate your used cooking oil recycling for free NOW!


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