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D&W Alternative Energy, LLC is the leading used cooking oil consulting service company in the greater New Jersey and Pennsylvania area. D&W Alternative Energy offers a full range of consulting services that allow our years of experience to benefit your business in countless ways, such as handling your facility’s “Grease Control Plan.” Did you know that in New Jersey, every non-residential kitchen or cooking facility is required to have and maintain on site a “Grease Control Plan,” which outlines, in detail, all of your cooking and food prep equipment, and identifies every possible source of FOG’s (fats, oils, greases,) and your facilities plan to prevent those FOG’s from entering the city’s sewers and pipes? It also needs to describe, in detail, all of your equipment that aids in that process, such as grease traps, or interceptors, filters, or screens including model #’s and serial #’s, and how each of them works and the corresponding maintenance schedule for each. As well as a thorough summary of the training provided to kitchen staff about the control of FOG’s throughout your facility, and more. We can aid or completely handle tasks like this and others so you can focus on what’s important, running your business.

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