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Restaurants and the Local Movement

Used Cooking Oil Collection Near Me

A trending google search “used cooking oil collection near me” speaks to the local movement in restaurant products and services. Restaurant patrons are not only more curious about where their food comes from for health and quality reasons, but because they want to be sure they’re supporting their own local economies and minimizing their environmental impact.

If your restaurant buys from local suppliers, those suppliers thrive and the community wins. But there’s more to buying local than trying to find local farmers; your restaurant can also choose to work with a local used cooking oil collector to recycle used cooking oil.  Customers are likely to find the idea of supporting local businesses even more important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. So starting your search with “used cooking oil collection near me” is a great way to insure you are buying local, supporting your local economy and minimizing the environmental impact of all of those trucks picking up your used cooking oil. Then look at the HQ address. Is it halfway across the country? Move further down the page  until you find a company headquartered in your own or a nearby state. Then look at their google reviews. How are the ratings? Read the comments. Are the complaints service related or do they sing the praises of local service?

Local Used Cooking Oil Collectors Provide Superior Service

A local used cooking oil collector is likely to give you superior service. Why? First, he lives in your community and wants it to thrive just like you do. Second, a local UCO collector relies on local restaurants to support their business. Their business won’t survive long on mediocre customer service — they’ll run out of clients like you in the surrounding area. That’s why a local UCO collector like D&W that’s been in business for over a decade, always picks up the phone and is ready to personally handle your service and answer your questions. That sort of service builds relationships, improves performance and contributes to the client’s business and success.

Contrast that with the responsiveness one gets from the giant call center often not so aptly dubbed, the “customer care center.”  How much response does one get from that midnight call to the call center, to find the person who knows how to activate a chain of urgent procedures, climbing through layers of management to find someone with the authority to take action? Local means responsive. When you know the CEO and have his cellphone number you are more likely to get fast and responsive service.

Supporting Local Means Contributing to the Local Economy

When a company selects a local UCO collector they are contributing to the local economy. It puts dollars to work locally because the local supplier spends and hires locally. It contributes to employment in the immediate area.

73% of every dollar spent locally stays in the local economy. 57% spent with a non-local supplier leaves the local economy. That matters both for you, and for your customers. Eating out is often a luxury. If the local economy suffers, customers won’t be coming in.

Supporting Local is Being Environmentally Conscious

Environmentally conscious restaurants recycle their used cooking oil to be made into biodiesel fuel. Those same restaurants are aware that a large national used cooking oil collector with giant remote processing plants and truck depots has a large carbon footprint. A regional or local UCO collector has a much smaller carbon footprint. Perhaps you should let your customers know that you recycle your used cooking oil into cleaner burning biodiesel fuel and that you are supporting your local economy by buying local.

Customers know that restaurants that buy local are good for the economy and good for the environment. That makes them feel good about spending money at your restaurant again and again.


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